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Toilet Vastu Remedies in 16 Directions / Zones

Dear Friends, In this post, I'll tell you Vastu Solutions and Remedies for Toilets present in 16 zones/directions of Vastu Shastra.

What is the purpose of a Toilet and How it affects you when created in wrong direction of your home according to vastu shastra?

Toilet is used for disposing waste products from our body. That means, toilet is the activity of disposal. I have told you earlier also in my blogs and videos on youtube that the whole concept of vastu shastra belongs to the programming of sub conscious mind.

So, we have a default programming in our subconscious about toilet that it is the activity of disposal and whenever we see or listen to the word toilet, our subconscious mind automatically activates the software associated with the activity of disposal.

When you make a toilet in any direction of your home, it start disposing the attributes associated with that direction. Example When you make a toilet in North direction which is the direction of creating money making opportunities in your life, it start disposing all the money making opportunities from your life and you are not able to make money. Those who are doing Job may loose their job and sit idle at home.

Let us take another example when a toilet is created in South West direction which is the direction of Relationships and Skills. I have seen in n number of Vastu Case Studies that when a toilet is created in South West direction of home, it will surely lead to Divorce between the married couple staying in that home.

The ideal direction for making a toilet at home is South South West direction which is the direction of disposal and wastage. When a toilet is made there, you dispose off all the negative things and waste items from your life and lead a healthy life.

But not all can make a toilet in South South West direction due to different construction constraints.

(For having an idea of 16 zones, entrances and other information about vastu shastra, you can read my book The Journey of Vastu Shastra available in Hindi and English book)

Now, if you have a toilet in any direction, firstly you have to check if it is disposing the effects of that direction from your life or not. If the answer is yes, you can treat that toilet with simple no cost vastu remedy done by using Color Tapes.

Note If you are facing problem, then only go ahead and apply the solutions. If these is no problem of toilet with respect to its direction, you should not do any remedy as nature has already balanced it for you.

For getting the Vastu Remedy of toilet present in 16 zones, watch the video and note down your remedy, apply that and share the results on

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Publisher : Abhishek Goel Date : November 17, 18, 1:28 pm