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If you are not enjoying your Life, there is no point in living it.

If you are not enjoying your Life, there is no point in living it. ~Abhishek P Goel

I read lessons of Shri APJ Abdul Kalam ji a few days back. One of the top genius of our country. When you look at his inventions, you might imagine that he was a workaholic and study freak but no, he was not.

He was a master of time management. He was doing everything in fix time intervals and getting what he desired on time.

Let me give you an example. I received a call from one of my client's wife who told me that she is going through a problem related to her child.

Her child was a Game Addict who use to play PUBG for 8 to 9 hours a day.
(P.S. I have played that game and it is fun)
She told me that her child also gets tears in his eyes due to stress but still continuously plays the game and we can not control him. Studies and everything else are getting affected.

I told her that I'll think of a solution and get back to her.

After 2-3 days, I called and told her to gift her child, the best phone on which playing PUBG game is much more fun than he is having right now. She was a bit puzzled but she agreed.

I told her to tell about this new phone to her child but along with it, put one condition. Fix a time slot in which the child will only play PUBG and do nothing else. Let's say, 5 6pm time slot is alotted to PUBG and in that time, her mother should also indulge with him and enjoy the game and encourage her child to kill more people with his sqad and do more and more chicken dinner.

You won't believe, from the 1st day, the child was relieved from the addiction and now his mother also plays PUBG in the same sqad with her child and believe me, she is also a pro player of pubg now. 😀

Moral of the story is We are always discouraging people to not do things because for us they are bad. We don't see the feelings of other person. The other person might be having fun in things which we see are useless.

Let's have time management skills and appreciate others for what they are doing but whatever they are doing, just tell them to have a slot for that thing.

Even Today, when client's child asks for something in the 5 6 slot from her mother, she says, sorry, its my PUBG time and you have to play along with me.

You can copy paste this write of mine or share this on your wall. I really don't care if you want to include my name in it or not but do share. It might change someone's life.

Publisher : Abhishek Goel Date : January 31, 19, 4:59 am