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Vastu for Money

Money is the most important concern in today's scenario. When we get sufficient cash for our day to day needs, life seems good but when we fall short in cash, life seems to get difficult. In this blog, Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel will share those vastu tips which will attract Money and Prosperity in your Home.

As per Vastu Shastra, the direciton responsible for Money or Cash at Home is South East direction. Money represents Fire Element in Vaastu and South East direction is the direction of Fire Element in Vastu Shastra. Toilet or Dustbin in South East hampers the flow of Cash and creates money related problems. When you have a toilet in South East direction, light a zero watt Red Bulb in Toilet and it will remove the Vastu Dosha from South East direction.

When we think of Money, the first thing that comes to our Mind is the Cash Box or Safe or our Locker at Home. In Vastu Shastra, Placement of Cash Box decides whether you will have enough cash to meet your expenses or not.

The best direction for placing the cash box at home is North direction as it the direction of Lord Kuber. When you place your cash box in North direction, Lord Kuber will attract aboundance of money in your Home. Also, your facing while opening the cash box should also be North direction.

You can also place your cash box in West direction as it the direction of Profits and Gains but avoid placing cash box in South South West direction of your Home which lies between South and South West as it is the direction of Expenses and Disposal.

Another important thing in Vastu Shastra which is responsible for attracting Wealth and Prosperity in your Home is your Entrance. There are a total of 32 Entrances in Vastu Shastra which has 32 different effects. Out of these 32 Entrances, 9 attract Money while the other entrances are negative and attract losses and other things.

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Another important factor which is responsible for attracting Money in your Home is your Kitchen. In Vastu Shastra, Money is represented by Fire Element. At Home, your Kitchen, especially the Gas Stove represents the Fire Element in your Life. If you are having your Kitchen in North direction, you will face problems related to Blocked Money. Keep a Baroda Green Stone below the Gas Stove to remove Vastu Doshas from the Kitchen.

If you are having your Kitchen in South to West direction, Keep a Yellow Stone below the Gas Stove to remove any Vastu Doshas and to strengthen Fire Element in your Home.

The last thing which is responsible for attracting Money in your Home is your sleeping position or your Bedroom. If you are sleeping in South South West direction, the direction of disposal and wastage, you will never be able to attract money in your life and if you do, you will waste all that money on useless things. In that case you can shift your bed towards South West direction.

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Publisher : Vastu Guru Abhishek Date : January 28, 19, 5:59 am