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Top 7 Vastu Myths Busted

1. Lord Ganesha at Entrance The first and foremost vastu myth prevailing in the market is Lord Ganesha at entrance is auspicious, which is completely incorrect rather it causes quarrels in the family of those having Lord Ganesha at entrance. Let me tell you a story behind this myth. You might have heard the story of Lord Shiva fighting with Lord Ganesha when he stopped him from meeting Goddess Parvati when she was bathing. The story is Goddess Parvati was preparing for a bath and she wanted someone to guard the door so that no one passes. She created a child with the help of her mystic powers and instructed him to guard the door and allow no one to enter as she was going for a bath. Lord Shiva came and when Lord Ganesha blocked him from passing the bath door, Shiva detached Ganesha's head.

In India, Rajasthan was one of the prosperous states at one time with all the rich and prosperous kings. They adapted this trend and started placing Lord Ganesha at their entrance. You know the position of Rajasthan today. 

Lord Ganesha is a divine energy and you should keep him inside your house in your temple and not make him a door guard.

2. Only East facing Homes are Auspicious  This is another myth which has captured the whole Indian property market that only East or North facing home are auspicious and South facing and West facing plots are bad as per Vastu Shastra. This is a complete myth and if you read my book The Journey of Vastu Shastra, in the entrance effects chapter, you will learn that entrance from West and South direction have more beneficial effects then North and East entrances. A simple example of West facing home is Mr. Sharukh Khan, the Kind Khan of bollywood lives in a west facing home called Mannat.

3. Face East while Meeting for Getting Success Another myth in the field of Vastu Shastra is that you should always face East while having a meeting with you clients for getting success. This is not true. Each facing has its importance and each facing creates a particular result. North Facing makes you Emotional while having a meeting. You take emotional decisions. East facing speeds up your conversation. South facing makes you to the point while having a meeting. You only talk to the point. West facing lets you explore for more expansion opportunities. West facing also gives cheerful and happy meetings.

4. Kitchen adjoining a Toilet is Inauspicious in Vastu Shastra Yes, this is also a myth in Vastu Shastra. Kitchen and Toilet can be next to each other. There are specific zones which need to be avoided for making a Kitchen and a Toilet like North East and South West. In all the other zones, they can be treated with simple Vastu Remedies without demolitions.

5. Anti Clockwise Staircase is Inauspicious This is also a myth which is highly prevailing in Vastu Shastra that only Clockwise staircase is auspicious and Anti clockwise staircase is inauspicious. This is not the fact. Clockwise staircase is used to slowdown the energy evolution process whereas anti clockwise staircase is used to boost the energy in any direction. For example, if North direction of your Home is low in energy strength and in addition to that you are having clockwise staircase in North direction then it will further decrease the energy of North direction and will create more imbalance.

6. Your Bed should not reflect in the Mirror or There can not be a dressing table in the Bedroom This myth is common among people and whenever they see a dressing table in the bedroom of a couple, they give free vastu tip for removing the same because according to them it is highly inauspicious and causes quarrels in the family. This is again not a fact. Mirror is used for treating cut and extended directions in vastu shastra and if image of your bed is falling in the mirror, it creates no bad effects. 

7. South facing entrance brings Poverty Let me tell you first that south facing entrance is the best entrance for people working in branding industry or for those working in multi national companies. Yes, there is an entrance in South which brings bad luck but if you contruct your home after proper guidance from Vastu Expert, then South facing entrance is a great entrance and gives you infinite name and fame in your market. An example of a person living in south facing home is Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji and you know his fame in Hollywood and Bollywood industry.

Publisher : Vastu Guru Abhishek Date : February 2, 19, 12:04 am