4 Day Kundali Masters Course

Let's have More Money, Happiness and Growth in Life

Kundali Masters is the Best Astrology Course which has Easiest Methods of Teaching Astrology in a Systematic Manner. You don't have to be a pro in advance to join Kundali Masters course. Even if you have no or basic knowledge of Astrology, then also you can join it and learn Advance Astrology and Astro Vastu Connections.

What you will Learn in Kundali Masters Course

  • A to Z Knowledge of Astrology, How to make Horoscope and Do predictions for particular events, Find Problematic Planets in Horoscope, etc.

  • You will learn secret connections of Astrology and Vastu Shastra. How you can predict things present in different parts of your client's home by just looking at his horoscope.

  • Learn most Innovative and Easiest Astrological Remedies designed by Abhishek M Goel which can be done easily without any cost or without any huge expense.

  • Learn How to design Easy-To-Do Astro Remedies for yourself and for your clients as per their comforts.

  • Learn How to Predict particular Events of the native.

  • Learn How to recommend Beneficial Gemstone for Money, Success and any other result that you desire.

  • Learn How to recommend Donations for removing obstacles and problems from Client's Life.

  • Learn the Effects of Aspects and Conjunction Planets as per Indian as well as Western Astrology and How to Remove their Negative Effects.

  • Learn about your Inner Powers and Capabilities and Learn How to use them for Boosting Money and Success in your Life.

  • Learn How to alter negative effects of your Horoscope by changing Vastu of your Home.

  • Discussion on More than 25 Case Studies which includes Horoscopes as well as layout plans for learning Advance Astro Vastu Connections and Discussion on your Horoscope with remedies as well.

  • Practical Working for physically and mentally experiencing Astro Vastu, Gemstone Recommendation, Donations, Channelization of Energy and many other remedies.

  • Most Easiest and Step-by-Step Training Program which also offers the best after course support.

  • Get free Kundli Master Software for making Horoscopes, Calculating Indian as well as Western Aspects and Conjunction, Calculating the effects of Antar Dashas and Knowing precise details of your Timelines.

  • Most Easiest and Step-by-Step Training Program which a beginner can also join and learn Astrology in an easy way.

  • One on One Personal Interaction with Kundli Master Abhishek Goel for clearing all your doubts and queries.

  • Know your Lucky Gemstone, Beneficial Donation and Powerful Technique of Meditation during the course for attracting Happiness and Prosperity in your Life.

  • One Extra Session on Day 4 – Master in Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing for rejuvenating your Body Mind and Soul to take you to the Journey of a Blissful State, the Journey to OM.

  • Life Time Membership via Access to closed groups on Facebook and Watsapp for providing after

Course Fee : INR 64,900/- (inclusive of 18% GST)

  • Enrol by paying Rs. 10,000/- now, click here…
  • Pay Rs. 54,900/- at venue or before course.

Venue : VastuAbhishek Center, Rohini, New Delhi

Timings – 10am to 6pm

Course fee is inclusive of Training, Kundli Master Software, Kundli Master Course Book and Practice Material, Lunch and High Tea, Life Time Membership, GST