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How to deal with Stress or Become Stress Free

Stress Good or Bad ~Abhishek Goel

Do 1 thing. Close your eyes for 10 seconds and think about stress. Open your eyes. Can you feel the negativity around yourself.

Yes!!! In this blog, i will share my views on stress.

What is stress? From where it comes and how to deal with it?

In my point of view, stress is actually a feeling, a feeling of 'incompleteness'.

Most of the people take stress as a bad or negative thing because from the time they are born, they have been taught that stress is negative. It is properly programmed in your subconscious mind that stress is so bad that you should not have it.

But do you actually know that like love, stress is also a feeling and it is a necessary part of your life!!!

What happens when you are stressed and why you become stressful?

When I look at myself, I become stressful when I feel that something is missing. The feeling of something missing gives me stress since birth.

Let me clear this to you with the help of an example.

When I remember my school days, in the exam time, each and every student was stressed. Some were stressed because they just want to pass the exam, the lower iq students and some were stressed because they want to top the whole class.

The student who was in the 60 70 per cent list was comparatively less stressed then the one who wanted to top the class because if he gets 68 percent instead of 70, it wont make any difference.

The point is, its not only those who have less are stressed. Those who wants to be on the top have much more stress than the normal man.

Is Stress a really bad feeling then?

I guess No.

Because if you are not having stress, it might mean that you don't want to be on the top list. You are just an average guy.

Let me give you another example where at one point of time I felt no stress at all and at the same point another day, I was stressed.

Most of the school going students take tution class because they think that school teacher is not enough to train them. I was also one of them. I joined a tution class for the first time when I was in 8th standard.

Before I joined the class, I took a demo class to check whether the teacher is capable to teach me or not. Most of us do the same and today many tution centers offer free demo class to students to check the quality of the teacher. When I was in demo class, I liked the teacher very much and immediately paid the semester fee.

I was stress free that now I will get good grades because I got a good teacher.

The good teacher taught me everything which was already done in school class and I was very happy that now I am learnig everything.

Soon after the teacher shifted to a chapter which was not done in school, the good teacher became worst then the school one. I was not getting anything in to my head.

It was a feeling of great stress again.

But at the same point of time, a different feeling also arose in me.

It was about my school teacher. She suddenly became the best and far more better than my tution teacher.

You know what was happening. I was not revising what was happening in school.

In the previous stage, the tution teacher was doing my revision and in the later stage, my school teacher was doing the same thing.

Where was the stress lying?

It was in my feeling of not understanding the subject and as soon as I got clarity, there was no stress.

Think about it Was stress necessary?

I guess, Yes.

Lets get to business now.

If you are in job, you must be in a lot of stress right.

Many job professionals seek my Vastu advice for better carrer growth and stress free life. I often talk to them to pen down the reasons of having stress at work.

Here is the list below

1. Got up late Stress because now i will reach office late and boss will scold me or will cut down salary.

2. Didn't finish the work on time again the boss will scold.

3. Because of not finishing the tasks on time, need to do overtime without getting paid family life is disturbed which is again giving stress.

4. Need to have a baby but can't afford because salary is less stressed

5. Many more

For all the above situations, I first teach them management of time and money.

Many of us don't know how to manage time and most importantly our money because of which many always fall short of both money as well as time.

Job owners think that its better to be in a business. Atleast you are your own boss.

Let's have a point of view of business owners. They are much more stressed than the job professionals.


1. Less sales stress

2. Blocked payments stress

3. Employees not performing stress

4. Machinery breakdowns stress

5. Etc.

Imagine a business owner who is having no sales, less cash, blocked payments, his employees not performing and his machineries are also in bad condition.

Do you feel that he should not have stress?

No. He should be in stress till he overcomes all these problems.

Stress is actually a feeling of incompleteness. The feeling of stress tells you and motivates you to perform harder.

You should only know how to deal with stress to reach on top.

Let's connect stress with Astrology and Vastu Shastra.

In Vastu Shastra, the direction associated with stress, anxiety and churning is East South East. This direction also represents research and analysis. If there is an imbalance in this direction, it will give you stress.

In Astrology, East South East direction is associated with 12th House.

12th house denotes, not working or not doing hard work. 12th house also denotes market research and analysis for improving yourself.

So it is completely up to you whether you want to work hard and reach on top or just sit relax and search 'How to become Stress Free' on google.

Kind Regards

Abhishek Goel

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Publisher : Abhishek Goel Date : February 12, 19, 8:42 pm