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Learn Vastu Shastra & Astro-Vastu from Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel and Become a Certified Astro Vastu Expert in 4 Days, Join the Best 4 Day Advance Vastu Course. Vastu Abhishek course is the best Astro Vastu course because it covers Vastu, AstroVastu, Numerology and Pendulum Dowsing. On the other hand, the style of teaching is simple, easy and it offers the best after course support to the course participants by conducting online Live Sessions and Group Discussions in private VastuAbhishek Groups available on Facebook.

Part 1

  • Start your day with a Powerful Meditation to Activate your Sub-Conscious Mind.
  • Learn A to Z of Vastu Shastra.
  • Learn How to use and Oil-Filled Magnetic Compass for finding North of a Building.
  • Learn How to mark Entrance and 16 directions on the Layout Plan of a Building.
  • Learn the effects of 32 Entrances and 16 Directions.
  • Learn How to treat a negative Entrance and How to treat Anti Activities and Elements in 16 Directions.
  • Learn How to identify 45 Energy Fields of Vastu Purush Mandal in a Building and treat them for fast Results.

Part 2

  • Start your day with a Powerful Meditation to Activate your Sub-Conscious Mind.
  • Learn everything about 5 Elements, also known as, PanchBhoota and How to balance them in any building for removing problems and attracting money and success in life.
  • Master Techniques of Calculating & Balancing Cut and Extended Portions in irregular shaped Buildings with simple vastu remedies without demolitions.
  • Learn the effects of all the Vastu Remedies that we use in Vastu Shastra like Red Horses, Pyramid, Bagua Mirrors, Springs, etc.
  • Learn How to place a Vastu Remedy in a building in detail and Most importantly, When to place a Vastu Remedy in a building.

Part 3

  • Start your day with a Powerful Meditation to Activate your Sub-Conscious Mind.
  • Learn all basics of Astrology & Learn How to make a Horoscope.
  • Learn How to find Vastu Defects in a building from Client's Horoscope.
  • Learn easiest methods of applying Astro Vastu Remedies for removing negative effects of Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha on the native.
  • Learn Industrial and Commercial Vastu - How to apply Astro Vastu Remedies in Industries, Factories and Commercial Units.
  • Live Practical Training on Layout Plans and Horoscope of random course participants by Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel.
  • Master Gemstone Recommendation for your clients. Suggest Beneficial Gemstones to your Clients for Grand Success and Fast Results.
  • Master the art of suggesting Donations of Negative Planets & Houses to get instant results as per the horoscope of your Clients.

Part 4

  • Start your day with a Powerful Meditation to Activate your Sub-Conscious Mind.
  • Master Pendulum Dowsing to Find Negative Energies in a Building and Remove them with Invisible Power Technique developed by Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel.
  • Do Practical Astro Vastu Working on Case Studies as well as your own Home Plans to get rid of all the problems that you are facing in your Life.
  • Learn Numerology and Suggest Powerful Brand Names, Brand Logo and Lucky Numbers to your Clients.
  • Master Signature Analysis and Create Powerful Signatures for your Clients.
  • You will be certified as Advance Vastu Consultant by Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel.
  • Happy Learning !!!


Additional Benefits

  • Question Answer Sessions every day for resolving all your Queries.
  • One on One Personal Interaction with Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel for clearing all your doubts related to Vastu Shastra and Astro Vastu.
  • Astro Vastu Working on your Home Plans for practical experience under expert guidance of Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel.
  • Lifetime Membership and After Course Support through access to closed groups on Facebook and Watsapp.
  • Monthly Meets for further training online as well as offline in VastuAbhishek Center.
  • Get Complete Course Kit for Site Visits and Vastu Evaluation which includes Vastu Chakra, Compass, Pendulum, Specially Designed Bag, VastuAbhishek Coursebook, Measuring Scales and Stationary.
  • Inclusive of 5 Star Lunch and High Tea in Hotel.
  • Life Time FREE Course Repetition by Just paying the nominal venue charge.

Promotional Offers

  • Enrol your Friend in the Course and Get a Gift Voucher of Rs. 2500/- which you can redeem for Course Repetition, Consultation or any other service.
  • 10% off in the total course fee if you are a couple. (You both will get 1 course kit)
  • 5% Discount in the course fee for Architecture & Interior Students and Working Professionals.

Course Fee : INR 62,540/- (inclusive of 18% GST)

  • Enrol by paying Rs. 10,000/- now, click here…
  • Pay Rs. 52,540/- at venue or before course.

Timings – 10am to 6pm

Venue - Hotel Crowne Plaza, Rohini, New Delhi

Course fee is inclusive of Training, Course Kit, 5 Star Lunch and High Tea, Life Time Membership, GST

Course Kit includes VastuAbhishek Coursebook, Specially designed Bag for Vastu Visits, Compass, Pendulum, Vastu Chakra, Measuring Scales and Stationary.

Your reporting time is 9.30am on all 4 days and course will complete at 6pm every day.