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Can you Keep Multiple Ganesha Idols at Home

Ganesh Ji is the first god to be worshipped on all occassions. We start everything with the name of Ganesha to make it auspicious and hurdle free. There are many myths that I have heard in the name of Lord Ganesh. 

One of the most common myth that I have heard is, people place Lord Ganesha at entrance believing that it will bring positivity. When Mata Parvati kept Lord Ganesha at entrance, it caused a great amount of destruction. You must have heard about that story. Therefore it is not advisable to keep Lord Ganesha at entrance. It will cause destruction and brings in poverty. 

Another most important and most discussed myth that prevails in the market about Lord Ganesha is, "You can not keep more than 1 Ganesh Idol at Home". It will bring negativity. To understand this, watch the video below by Vastu Guru Abhishek Goel explaining the concept of keeping multiple ganesha idols at home. Where to keep and where not to keep ganesha idols at Home.


Publisher : Vastu Guru Abhishek Date : February 28, 20, 1:08 am